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Kim San Leng has been in operations since 1965. We've come a long way, and we're now a household name amongst Singaporeans.

“我已经60多岁了,心态还是20多岁,哈哈! 做生意,不是万事都以利益为出发点,在商言商外,人情味比什么都重要。” - 洪鼎良

"I am already over 60 years old, however my mentality is still of a 20 year old! The most important aspect of doing business is not just about gains. Humanity is more important than anything else." - Hoon Thing Leong


Mr Hoon Thing Leong has assumed the responsibilities of head of Kim San Leng for the past generation. A deep thinker, Mr Hoon constantly thinks of how to attract more consumers to the franchise, and embraces changes in society.

Mr Hoon is a forward thinking leader, that strives to integrate tradition with change. Kim San Leng is proud to have Mr Hoon at its helm.

Ksl family

Three Generations

Mr Hoon Thing Leong would like Kim San Leng to establish itself as a century long business.

Kim San Leng has already groomed 3 generations of leaders and at present, more than half of its outlets are already being run by his children.

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